Who We Are

With over 50 years of experience working with computers, we know the Industry. We are based in Loveland, OH, and support the north and eastern Cincinnati, Ohio area.

For over 30 years, We have been supporting the office and home PC and installing numerous home and office networks.

We recognize the need to protect the valuable assets of both the office and home user and the agony of having a computer that has slowed to a crawl and no longer has the responsiveness it had when new.

As educators, we have the experience to train both the office and home user.


It's wonderful. Crisp and fully functional for the programs I use. Like getting a new computer for a hundred bucks.

Thanks again for providing such a valued service.


The computer works great - thanks again! Starts quick, shuts off quick, runs quick.


You've been a Godsend! I don't know what I would have done without you.


--- Downloads from Workshops ---

  • LIbreOffice Writer Supplement
  • PC Security Security Supplement
  • MS Windows 10 Supplement
  • MS Windows 10 Slides
  • MS Office Word Supplement
  • Excel Demo Spreadsheet
  • Excel Supplement
  • Slides for Pull The Plug Workshop
  • Pull The Plug Workshop Supplement
  • What We Do

    * Remove that horrible virus and those pesky trojan horse programs that cause your machine to slow down.

    * Clean the Register to improve your PCs performance

    * Configure security settings in Windows to help reduce the possiblity of getting a virus on the PC.

    * Install software, hard drives, and memory.

    * Set up back-up procedures to protect your data and pictures.

    * Implement controls so only properly trained individuals can install software, eliminating most of the virus and trojan horse threats.

    * Install wireless networks for the home and office.

    * Offer a monthly maintenance contract covering software installs and hardware dianostics.

    In short, we can revitalize and repair your PC, trouble shoot your network and configure your new firewall or install new software.


    ----- Help Downloads -----

  • Create Restore Point
  • Emerge Be Safe Document
  • Changing the Themes
  • Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Switch back to local account
  • How to get out tablet mode
  • Change Edge Fonts
  • Create Avery Labels from Excel Spreadsheet
  • Why Call Us?

    We know where the dangers lie in the office and home network. We have the technical expertise to advise you how to avoid nasty worms and viruses.

    We can remove obsolete programs and drivers that take up valuable resources when you are trying use your PC.

    We can recommend anti-virus software that will check web sites for lurking dangers and e-mail for questionable attachments.

    We set-up your firewalls so only those PCs that you want connected will gain access to your intenal network.

    We can install new software on a monthly contract or at reasonable rates when the occasion arises so you don't worry about problems when you purchase new applications.

    At a time when finances are tight, we can do this at rates that will not ruin the monthly budget.

    Call: 513-403-0807

    Or send and email to tlalbright@hotmail.com


    ----- Apps Downloads -----

  • Tailor LibreOffice to save in MS Office Format
  • LUBUNTU 20.04 installation instructions